FCCL Maker Taiflex and FPC Maker Flexium Posted Record High Revenues in July

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Taiwan-based flexible CCL maker Taiflex and flexible printed circuit (FPC) maker Flexium both benefited from strong orders from major mobile phone customers and generated record high revenues in July. Flexium posted NT $267 million revenue in July with 23.6% growth from that in June and 47.1% from same period last year. Taiflex's revenue was boosted by increasing shipments for mobile phone-use FPC products and backsheet products applied in solar cell modules to reach NT $364 million, up 38.94% and 21% from last month and the same period last year.

Taiflex pointed out that the price increase of CCL raw materials has been spread out to low-stream customers and the price pressure has been released for the company itself and, therefore, has stabilized the entire FCCL market. The shipments of two layer FCCL products in the first half of the year represented 11% of total shipments and 46% of shipments during the first half last year.

Taiflex used to focus on FCCL production, but this year the company stepped into the field of backsheet manufacturing for solar cell modules for Dupond. The company has also made contact with other solar cell module and thin film producers and shipped samples for certification.

The revenue from the backsheet segment represented 5% of the total revenue for the first half of 2008, which indicates the company has entered into the solar cell supply chain and the profitability has been revealed. Shipments are expected to double in third quarter compared with the first half of the year and the company is optimistic about the fourth quarter as well.Source: PCBChinanet


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