Brandner PCB Welcomes Estonia Student Satellite Team

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The aim of the Estonia Student satellite project is to design, manufacture, test and implement a working Earth-orbit satellite. Estonia's first satellite ESTCube-1 will be completed by early 2012 and will be used for scientific experiments in orbit. The development of the satellite is based on the Cubesat standard (, which is developed by California Polytechnic State University and Stanford University.

The tough space environment sets very strict requirements for materials used and also the materials in the actual satellite electronics. Currently, the project is working on creating subsystems for the project. Breadboards and prototypes will also be created.

Student satellite Program Manager, Silver Lätt, requested a tour of the PCB manufacturing process at Brandner PCB. The tour and the "question and answer" session was very meaningful to the group. Brandner PCB is pleased to note that a well-educated young Estonian engineer generation is now beginning to gain prominence.

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