Atotech Marks 25 Years of UNIPLATE, HORIZON

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Atotech delivered its first UNIPLATE system 25 years ago! Together with the HORIZON systems, they developed into true perennials for Atotech. Today, 25 years later, Atotech’s company history depicts over 1,500 UNIPLATE and HORIZON lines sold worldwide.

The right business model, a well-expanded worldwide sales and service network, and the continuous development and change of both systems in reaction to changing market needs have made Atotech’s success over the past 25 years possible.

A Star is Born – The UNIPLATE

The right path to success in Electronics was set in 1985, when a young team of mechanical engineers and chemists got together and developed the idea for horizontal plating of printed circuit boards. For the first time, it was possible to exchange liquids of the tiniest hole drillings – thanks to the so-called “Flood-Bars”.

In 1987, the first UNIPLATE, a Desmear Line (UNIPLATE P), left the assembly line. The big break through followed in 1988, with the initiation of the first copper plating module (UNIPLATE Cu3) - a three meter long copper plating module.

From then on, PCB manufacturers suddenly started to buy horizontal equipment technology. This allowed for the expansion of markets to Europe and Asia in 1991, followed by the opening of the American markets in 1994.


The first HORIZON Pallatect, a horizontal final finish line for direct palladium on copper, was sold to Austria in 1996.

HORIZON is a product which is also suitable for surface treatment technology. This led to the creation of the HORIZON BondFilm in 1998.

Yet another milestone in Atotech’s system development and sales was the construction of the horizontal immersion- tin- process: The first system (HORIZON Stannatech) left the assembly line in 2001.

A Success Story

Atotech owes this long standing success story to a large part to its employees and experts worldwide – with their creativity, their knowledge, their courage and their willingness for change and variation. They continuously develop the technology for horizontal plating through know-how and commitment.

About Atotech

With annual sales of €893 million, Atotech is one of the world's leading manufacturers of processes and equipment for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry and the decorative and functional electroplating industry. Committed to sustainability, Atotech deve-lops technologies that minimize waste and reduce environmental impact. Atotech, a division of the Total Group, is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and employs about 3,800 people in over 40 countries.



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