Ucamco Unveils Ucam 10.1

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PCB manufacturers worldwide are increasingly turning to Ucamco's industry-beating suite of software solutions to optimise their costs, throughput, productivity and yields. Now, with Ucam 10.1, Ucamco draws on decades of experience and a deep understanding of its clients' needs to make Ucam even more powerful. Ucam 10.1 delivers a range of new and enhanced tools and functions, unleashing unprecedented engineering software capabilities and allowing incoming data to be entered into production with even greater ease, speed and accuracy. Ucam 10.1 enables PCB manufacturers to get the very best out of their CAM departments and their businesses.

Sophisticated, yet easy to use, these tools have been developed with Ucamco's focus on product goals such as best-in-class performance, long-term reliability, and continuous development.

They include a Smart Drill Tool Manager that allows engineers to apply their own rules to do diameter calculations and enables them to manage the entire drilling process both flexibly and very simply. Equally important, v10.1 brings enhanced Netlist Compare capabilities that, from an uncomplicated user interface, catches any error that might have been introduced inadvertently during the CAM process. It also allows netlists to be input from the popular IPC-D-356A format, dealing with all of its subtleties in an intelligent and robust manner that excludes false errors and minimises error review times. Multinet Visualizer highlights and characterises multiple selected electrical nets within a single job, facilitating tasks that require focus on selected nets, while Legend Optimizer enables texts to be differentiated and managed separately from non texts in the same layer. New Flashmaker Extensions further simplify data optimization by recognising simple rectangular shapes, thereby eliminating a laborious input task, and for flex circuit manufacturers, the Coverlay Optimizer tool simplifies an undertaking that is otherwise typically error-prone. All of this comes with ODB++ V7 Output Support, in line with Ucamco's longstanding tradition of openness and integration.

All of this, together with Ucamco's dedication to ongoing development, makes Ucam 10.1 the most powerful, comprehensive CAM software suite now available.

About Ucamco

Ucamco (formerly Barco ETS) is a market leader in PCB CAM software and laser photoplotting systems, with a global network of sales and support centers. Headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, Ucamco has over 25 years of ongoing experience in developing and supporting leading-edge photoplotters and front-end tooling solutions for the global PCB industry. Key to this success is the company's uncompromising pursuit of engineering excellence in all its products. For more information, visit www.ucamco.com.  


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