Jochen Summ Joins Elmatica as Country Manager in Germany

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Jochen Summ from FUBA Tunisia was appointed as Country Manager 01.02 for Elmatica in Germany and Switzerland, Norway’s largest PCB service provider since 1971. Elmatica is also specialized in Automotive and they supply PCBs to most car brands in Europe. Jochen Summ is a natural development of this process his 27 years of experience with Automotive will further strengthen the Elmatica team.

Jochen Summ has worked for FUBA Tunisia and former FUBA Germany the last 16 years after he ended an 11-year long employment for the PCB manufacturer Schweizer Electronic AG. Elmatica has delivered PCBs to the German market the last 10 years and due to increased interest and orders, we have decided to increase our presence for existing and new customers. We are very proud to have Jochen as our new employee, stated by the CEO Didrik Bech

"I have the honor of meeting many interesting people, but I rarely met a person with more drive, commitment and integrity than Jochen. His knowledge and personality will strengthen our company and increase our service aspects for our customers. Jochens ability to understand a companies needs and processes represents some of the value added Elmatica contributes with. Combining this with strong communication skills creates the basis for lasting and flexible solutions, "says Bech.

Increased demand from the automotive industry

The Automotive industry is mainly concentrated on standard technology and Elmatica has provided this since 2001 and will continue doing so. However, what we are experiencing now is a significant demand from other technologies within the automotive industry such as HDI, Flex-Rigid, Semi-Flex and Aluminum. These demands represent core capabilities and technologies for Elmatica and in such cases our experience is a vital contribution to minimize potential challenges. "Our ambition is to be the best partner for those seeking advice and guidance in these aspects and Jochen will be an important part for reaching this goal," says Bech.

Clear and different focus

"I've known Elmatica for one year and I am amazed of how someone can assure quality for old methods in an established industry in entirely new ways. Elmatica has a wider and clearer focus on collaboration, knowledge sharing and transparency regarding its processes than any other company I have met. They share knowledge and information, which others do not share and they assist their customers free of charge for deliveries they have not facilitated. The ability to represent all capabilities within the PCB industry is also clearly exciting and motivating, "says Summ.


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