ORBOTECH: Gul Technologies Implements InCAM and InPlan Pre-production Solutions

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ORBOTECH PACIFIC LTD. has announced that Gul Technologies (Jiangsu) Ltd. has successfully integrated InCAM and InPlan as their pre-production solution to achieve standardized CAM, Engineering and intelligent design processing. Developed by Frontline PCB Solutions, InCAM and InPlan are both industry leading field-proven pre-production solutions.

“Since migrating from Genesis to InCAM and adopting InPlan® in 2010, we have significantly reduced costs while guaranteeing reliable tool output of the highest quality,” said Cheng Jiang, manager of the Engineering department, Gul Technologies Ltd. “The trade-in concept suits our needs perfectly, helping us increase yield and cost efficiency. In addition, InPlan® has boosted our throughput and cut material costs, freeing up resources to grow our technical capabilities further. To maximize this opportunity, we have purchased in 2014 Orbotech’s InCAM and InPlan applications and fully implemented it in our new Jiangsu factory, to extend the efficiency of our Engineering department company-wide.”

“We are very pleased with the decision of Gul Technologies to integrate InCAM® and InPlan® in their facility ,” said Gaby Waisman, president, Orbotech Pacific Ltd. “As a next-generation solution, InCAM® and InPlan® improve pre-production speed and efficiency with their innovative concept and advanced front-end processing, providing enormous value to our customers.”

About InCAM

InCAM is a comprehensive, innovative CAM solution for high-end manufacturers that combines editing and analysis with automatic design-for-manufacture optimization to perform high-precision CAM tooling, with maximum efficiency and speed — helping manufacturers achieve lasting profitability and a competitive edge. InCAM supports yield growth by enabling operators to multi-task and run advanced processes in the background, using the computer's multi-core CPU capabilities. Cycle time is dramatically shortened as colleagues team up on jobs in a data-secure, collaborative environment. InCAM delivers improved data integrity and fault indication by allowing interactive post-processing on selected DFM results. Operators enjoy a streamlined user interface and remarkably easy-to-use tools. In addition, backwards compatibility with Genesis 2000, for both data and automation, drives productivity even further.



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