PSR-4000 LDI (US) LDI Solder Mask Now Commercial

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Taiyo America, Inc.®, of Carson City, Nevada, a subsidiary of Taiyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd.®(Tokyo, Japan), announces the commercial introduction of PSR®-4000™ LDI (US), laser direct imageable (LDI) solder mask. This solder mask, part of Taiyo's world leading PSR®-4000™ line, has completed initial customer evaluations and has been fully qualified to industry specifications including IPC-SM-840D and Underwriters Laboratories UL 94 flammability. PSR®-4000™ LDI (US) has fast exposure, requiring as little as 50 to 100 millijoules with some laser exposure equipment. 

"Initial test marketing has shown that PSR®-4000™ LDI (US) is very robust in the LDI exposure process and has produced excellent image quality with straight sidewalls," says David Vaughan, Marketing Manager for Taiyo America. "Customers have been pleased with the processing parameters and the dark green color of this solder mask.  PSR®-4000™ LDI (US) has given them the fine feature resolution and registration that is mandatory for today's most difficult designs."

PSR®-4000™ LDI (US) has the features expected of the PSR®-4000™ line including excellent resistance to final finishes, a wide processing window, RoHS compliance and lead-free compatibility. It has a rich green color, a satin surface finish and is low halogen. PSR®-4000™ LDI (US) is also capable of being exposed in conventional flood exposure units. This is the LDI product the market has been looking for--one with high productivity in laser exposure, very fine feature capability and color that is comparable to typical green LPI solder mask.

About Taiyo America

Taiyo America has full manufacturing, R&D, sales and product support for Taiyo Ink products via their facility in Carson City, Nevada. Taiyo America is responsible for supplying and servicing Taiyo ink products in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Australia/New Zealand and Africa. For more information, visit


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