Zeta Thin Dielectric Films Featured at DesignCon

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Integral Technology, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of HDI electronic materials for the PCB industry, will partner with Streamline Circuits to present Zeta® thin dielectric films at DesignCon this week, January 29-31, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California

“We are pleased to exhibit our game changing Zeta® films at DesignCon this week,” stated Integral Vice President of Marketing Sean Redfern. “We are even pleased to be partnering with one of our Zeta®-certified fabricators, Streamline Circuits. Our certification allows them to produce circuit boards using Integral’s revolutionary ultra-thin dielectric films.”

Zeta films are several proprietary materials designed to help OEMs and printed circuit shops compete with new demands in electronic manufacturing brought on by the need for miniaturization, density, multiple lamination cycles, and high thermal properties.

To ensure rigorous standards of installation are met, Integral Technology requires PCB shops to commit to a certification program where process and equipment are brought into the standards required by these sophisticated dielectric films. This quality-assurance recognition indicates to OEMs, original equipment manufacturers, which shops are Zeta-certified.

Zeta® Cap is a copper-clad, high-Tg C-stage dielectric film designed to eliminate pad cratering in circuit board assembly. Zeta® Lam, a related dielectric film, allows ultra-thin HDI buildup layers (down to 12 microns) with improved thickness uniformity and transmission line performance.

Greg Halvorson, Streamline founder and president, commented, “Streamline Circuits has been working with Zeta® materials since the product has been commercially available. With Zeta®, Streamline has been able to provide solutions to our customers on product designs that are new to the industry. One example is multi-layer boards below 0.0055. The combined technical teams have helped Streamline define processes that are repeatable so our customers can count on us to meet quality requirements, quick-turn prototypes, and production volume.”

“Zeta® films have been capturing a lot of attention. We invite all attendees to come by our booth (723) and learn first-hand what this remarkable product can do for you,” Redfern concluded.

About Streamline Circuits

Streamline Circuits is a leading provider of high quality Printed Circuit Boards offering Rigid, Rigid Flex and Multilayer Flex offering customers the most advanced technology, quality and engineering support available. Customers take advantage of these resources to develop a cost effective product in a time sensitive manner and get it to market first. Additional information can be found at www.streamlinecircuits.com.

About Integral Technology

Integral Technology, Inc. is a technology company doing research, design and manufacturing of new materials for broad use in the electronic manufacturing and assembly industry. Solutions include next generation dielectric HDI build-up structures and pad cratering resistance. In addition to the materials business, we have a technical support group supporting PCB manufacturers and an OEM marketing group promoting new technologies to the global electronics market. For more information, visit www.integral-hdi.com.


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